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Monday, October 03, 2005

Fuzzy Mabel

My mom, Pokey, went to a new yarn shop on the Island (St. Simons) called Fuzzy Mabel. It's an online yarn shop with a brick and mortar shop as well. Pokey went in to get her stuff for making helmetliners. They didn't have any bamboo needles, so she ended up not getting anything, yet. I happened to win a set of Takumi bamboos (16" circulars) on an auction at Herrschner's, so I'm going to give her my 6 & 8 16" circulars that I already have, and I'll have my new ones. I don't even use the bamboos to knit helmetliners. I prefer my Addi Turbos. Pokey doesn't like the slipperiness of them, and prefers the bamboos.

I want to get her started knitting on these things, so she can spread the word! Her friend Bonita is going to knit some, too.

I'm going down to the Island next week, so I'll check out Fuzzy Mabel, and see what it's all about.


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