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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

1550 Marines Need Helmet Liners

The following is a post from Helmetheads KAL from Linda Swinford of Operation Helmetliner.

Dear Knitters,I have a request from the Marines for 1,550 helmetliners in black or brown.They deploy in Nov. How many do you think KAL can do? I don't know whetherto commit to 40 for a platoon, 160 for a company or the 1,550 for abattalion. It's difficult to know that we have Marines who are cold becausethey don't have helmetliners.Let me know your thoughts.Tnx.Linda

It would be great if anyone out there could help. We think the KAL can do 160. We need the help of all knitters to help these Marines.


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