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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Knits for Miss Daisy

This is the potato chip scarf I knit for Daisy. The pattern is from Knit Picks. The yarn is from a Nicky Epstein Kit. It is a 95% wool boucle. The scarf was fun to knit, and amazing to bind off. The number of stitches (720) to bind off is a chore, but to watch the scarf begin to curl as you bind off is so much fun. I also knit a little purse for her out of the same yarn. I'm having quite a time posting that photo.


  • At 6:39 PM, Blogger MissyJoon said…

    Smooooooooches for you----it's great!

  • At 2:11 AM, Blogger KniTaPaLooZa said…

    That is very cool.. I wish my bind off would have only been 720 but mine ended at 1200 stitches... ding bat here casted on 150>300>600>1200 it took forever to bind it off. Your's is very cute.

  • At 10:53 AM, Blogger Mandy said…

    Love the scarf I made one but I don't think that I am going to be making another one anytime soon!!! When I did my bind off it was like 850 stitches! It took forever!


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