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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sock Yarn A Plenty

I paid a visit to Cynthia and Ouida at Fuzzy Mabel while I was on the Island. Look what was on sale! Actually, the Regia Cotton 4-ply and one of the others. I found the pattern of my dreams at Spun Magazine. All last year, I searched for a pattern for Flip Flop socks. And I couldn't really find one. I found one for mittentoe socks, but I didn't think it was what I really wanted.

So, I'd gone online to Fuzzy Mabel, and knew Cynthia had the Regia Surf colors on sale, and I knew I had to get some, but I had to find a pattern. I googled anklets or something similar, and finally found the sock pattern of my dreams.

I have the hobo bag in the washer now, along with the bucket bag I made for Camie at school. I still have to work on Camie's i-cord, but, the bag will be felted. So I have my Surf color in the pink, orange , and yellow out and I'm ready to wind it. I think I'm going to do the Geisha Socks first.


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