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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I seriously have the best secret pal!

So, I'm checking my email during lunch, and what do I find, but a message from kpixie with a gift voucher! A birthday sur-see from my secret pal. Now I really don't know what I want to get. I'm thinking about the mitered bag seriously. But found a pattern for a maternity poncho that converts to a baby blanket knit in Karaoke. I know it's jumping the gun, but should I let my vouchers wait, and work on Lady Eleanor for the Olympics and then see what happens, or spend my vouchers. Decisions, decisions!

I did have a good birthday. Got money. Got a printer for my digi-cam (a little Kodak Printer Dock Plus...way cool). My mommy is sending me some Noro Silk Garden in #50 for Lady Eleanor.

Go to Doctor today to learn to give myself the progesterone injections and tomorrow for my ultrasound (baseline) and bloodwork. Then Thursday I'll start the estrogen. I'll go back on Feb 10 for midcycle ultrasound to see how my lining is progressing. This process is moving right along! Wish me luck!


  • At 12:23 PM, Blogger Rose said…

    I stumbled across your great blog and thought I'd leave a comment! Love Rose x

  • At 2:02 AM, Blogger Tammy said…

    Good luck.

  • At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Secret Pal!!! said…


  • At 7:50 PM, Blogger Jenni said…

    We're rooting for you!


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