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Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Secret Pal

I've tried and tried to post pictures, but my computer is not cooperating. I got home from 10 days on St. Simons, and while I was gone, I received my final package from my Secret Pal. And it was a doozy!

First, there was yarn that she personally spunEdited: Kim did not spin this yarn, but bought a cone of this yummy sock yarn! . Then, a basketweave sock pattern and some yummy sock yarn.

I got a book, Decorative Knitting,and a bookmark, some Chai Tea and Suisse Mocha cappucino, and a whole Burt's Bees kit with lotion, body oil, lip balm, hand creme, salve, and cuticle creme(perfect for knitters) and foot creme. It came in an eco-friendly bag and was just precious.

My pal is Kim Craigs. She has been fabulous. Visit her blog and check out how talented she is!


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