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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Not that there's anything wrong with it...

The Town Criers left a comment on a previous post praising Marcia Cross for speaking up on behalf of infertiles everywhere. And I started thinking about celebs who've spoken out about infertility. I know that this is not a thorough list, but let's call it a work in progress.....

1. Marcia Cross--Love Her! She was seen coming out of a SoCal fertility clinic. Pregnant with twins at 44. Talks about IF.

2. Courteney Cox--Love Her! She's openly discussed her struggles with infertility. Has ACA's like I do. Says she used IVF to get pregnant, and will use IVF again.

3. Brooke Shields--Love Her Two Times! Not only did she admit to IVF (seven times before becoming pregnant with her first baby) she also admits to postpartum depression, and for using meds to overcome it.

4. Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels--Love Them! You know they had to use ART. It's a given. Actually an anonymous donor, not David Crosby this time.

But what about those mommies who give birth to twins in their upper 40's. We're led to believe that these ladies had NO medical assistance! I don't think necessarily that these ladies should come out and say that they used donor eggs, or what not, but I do think that they should fess up to maybe having trouble getting pregnant, and maybe using ART to get pregnant.

There is nothing wrong with being infertile. There is nothing wrong with using ART to get pregnant. What is wrong is leading people to believe that fertility lasts well into your 40's (and early 50's) . It may for some people, but for the general population, it does not.


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