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Thursday, November 16, 2006

2 Week Wait Knitting

I decided I needed something special to knit for my 2 week wait. I decided on this in Ireland. I thought that the green would be soothing, and it also shows growth. So, while I hopefully have a baby or 2 growing inside of me, my afghan will be growing as well. I ordered it today, with a 3 day delivery. I hope it gets here soon. I'll need something to do while I wait.

My mom is coming up, and will stay for Thanksgiving. We're ordering from Honey Baked Ham, I think, and getting a Corn Casserole from Publix. I had a sample and it is great. It will only be Brad, Mamma, and me. I don't see a need to cook. I'm going to put myself on bedrest after the transfer anyway.


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