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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Knitted Gift

I decided this time to make something for my donor rather than buying a gift. The charm bracelet didn't work, so I figured since she is giving me part of her, that I'll give her part of me.
I decided to make her a little spa set to pamper herself after the retrieval.

I made some washcloths out of Cotton-Tots rather than Sugar'N Cream. They are so very soft. The two in the front are from the book Dishcloths From The Heart. The one in the back on the left is The Mason Dixon Dishcloth, and the one on the right is from Rhonda White's Spa and Bath Sets to Knit.
I made this box from Mason Dixon Knitting. I used 4 strands of Patons Classic. 2 in Winter White and 2 in Natural Mix.
This is a headband out of Cotton Tots. It's from Rhonda White's Book, too.
This is a Dishcloth I included, since it says "Thanks" on it. Nice and Thanksgiving-y. It is from Enid Danforth's Yahoo Group.
And finally, a soap sack, from Rhonda White's book. The washcloth and soap sack have little polka-dots on them. I told my mom that they look like eggs.
I added some goodies from Bath and Body Works in Warm Vanilla Sugar, and took it to the doctor's office yesterday morning. Someone will take it to the main office, and my donor will get it the day of the retrieval.
Everything is going as planned. My midcycle ultrasound was good. My lining is cooperating. I have no fluid like I did before. My E2 level is a little over 1000. The next hurdle is seeing how the donor responds to her meds. Fingers crossed, everything will be great.


  • At 10:01 AM, Blogger kat said…

    lovely gifts! fingers crossed for you


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