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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What I Love About Badcaul

I've discovered a new passion. I now understand what so many sock knitters are raving about. The toe-up two at a time magic loop sock. Wow!

I love not having to kitchener the toe. This pattern (Badcaul by Anna Bell) has a Turkish Cast-On. When I started these babies a year ago, I remember being totally amazed by this cast on.

I love this yarn. It is Step in Grass. I got it from Margaret last year for St. Patrick's knitting. It has jojoba in the yarn. It is so very soft.

I'm coming up on the heels. I know that I'll do one at a time, but I'm looking forward to a new challenge.

What I love best is that I'll finish both socks at once. I will be able to bind them off and put them on.

I may have to do all socks this way from now on.

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Low Country Boil

One Shrimp Sock is finished. Please ignore the white leg attached to the sock.

This is a close up of the Double Eyelet Rib that is used for the Summer Solstice Sock. I really like the way this turned out.

I am not currently knitting a second sock. I'm taking a break from shrimp.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

February Knitting

February began with an abnormal mammogram. Not mine, because despite the fact I'm thirty-thirteen, I haven't had one yet---Don't fret though, it's scheduled for March 21. It was my mother. And after a small and large needle biopsy, it was determined that it was breast cancer. She was given the choice of a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. She chose the latter.

I went down the 18th of February. We drove to Jax on President's Day and checked in to the Wyndham on the St. John's River. We had a fabulous dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House, and went back to the room to get to bed early for our hosiptal stay.

We were at Pre-Op at 8:15, and I began to knit fish. We were put in a holding room, and I knit fish. My brother came, and I knit fish. My cousins came, and I knit fish. We waited, and I knit fish. Mamma was finally taken into surgery at 2:30, and still, I knit fish. Her surgery went well, and only took an hour. The tumor was very small, and contained, and her lumph nodes were clear. She'll see an oncologist later this month, but we don't anticipate any chemo or radiation. Prayers really do work.

Mamma was able to go home on Wednesday afternoon. I headed to Fuzzy Mabel on Thursday morning to get some yarn to knit her a Tit Bit. I brought home 3 different silks, and a bamboo. She picked the bamboo. I finished it Thursday night, and she wore it on Friday. I'd love to show a picture, but I don't want my mother flashing her "knitty" (as she calls it!) Wouldn't that be a bit pornographic?

I went back to Fuzzy Mabel on Friday. Cynthia is relocating to Lancaster, SC, and was having a big sale. I went in to get Mamma some needles for a prayer shawl she's knitting (2 days after a mastectomy), and as I'm checking out, I spy this:
It is IsleDyllic Dream handpainted sock yarn in Low Country Boil. I met the artist in the shop, and just had to bring it back to Atlanta. It really looks like home to me.
I finally started a pair of socks with my Low Country Boil last week. They are the Summer Solstice Socks from The Sock Calendar.
The leg is a Double Eyelet Rib. I love the way it is working up. I'm using DPNs after a long hiatus from them, and am really enjoying using them again. I'm planning on wearing these, so no SSS this go-round. I'm off to knit!