Three Bags Full

The unravelings of the mind of a G*R*I*T*S (Girl Raised In The South) who knits.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hat Trick #3

These 2 hats are Christmas presents for 2 of my co-workers. The pattern is Basic Cable from SnB Nation. I did 2 more repeats than called for to make them a little longer. I used Lion Brand Fishermans Wool.

This is the Christmas ornament hat I made myself for Christmas. I used Paton's Classic in red, and Lion Brand Lame in silver for the ornament hanger.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Knits for Miss Daisy

This is the potato chip scarf I knit for Daisy. The pattern is from Knit Picks. The yarn is from a Nicky Epstein Kit. It is a 95% wool boucle. The scarf was fun to knit, and amazing to bind off. The number of stitches (720) to bind off is a chore, but to watch the scarf begin to curl as you bind off is so much fun. I also knit a little purse for her out of the same yarn. I'm having quite a time posting that photo.

Three Bags from Sister Susan

These are the Bucket Bags I made for Brad's sisters for Christmas. I used Lion Wool for all of them. I doubled the yarn for the i-cord.

I sent this first bag to Cindy in Connecticut. The colorway is Flower Garden. I used US 11's and cast on 90 stitches, and knit for 15" before the turn row and the decreases.

This bag went to Debbie in California. The colorway is Ocean Blues. I only knit this bag for 12" and it is shorter than the other 2. I love this color, though.

This last bag is for Gwenn in New York. The colorway is Autumn Sunset.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

More Bucket Bags

This is Lulu's bag finished. It looks like a Booga Bag, but it has a round bottom. It is the first I made, and is really small.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Bucket Bags

The bag to the left is my second attempt at a bucket bag. I used 10 1/2 needles and cast on 80 stitches. It felted much smaller than I had wanted it to. I have not yet knit the I-cord for this.

This bag was my first attempt at a bucket bag. I cast on 110 stitches and used size 9's. I knit for 20 inches, and it felted down to 14". It is really taller than I had wanted, but I love the colorway of the yarn (Noro Kureyon #95)

Here are the 2 bags side by side. I need to find a happy medium. I'm working on one now in Lion Wool and size 11's. Maybe this one will be the right size.