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Thursday, November 16, 2006

2 Week Wait Knitting

I decided I needed something special to knit for my 2 week wait. I decided on this in Ireland. I thought that the green would be soothing, and it also shows growth. So, while I hopefully have a baby or 2 growing inside of me, my afghan will be growing as well. I ordered it today, with a 3 day delivery. I hope it gets here soon. I'll need something to do while I wait.

My mom is coming up, and will stay for Thanksgiving. We're ordering from Honey Baked Ham, I think, and getting a Corn Casserole from Publix. I had a sample and it is great. It will only be Brad, Mamma, and me. I don't see a need to cook. I'm going to put myself on bedrest after the transfer anyway.


11 eggs were retrieved yesterday. 10 of them were mature. 5 of them fertilized. The embryologist said he had hoped for 6, so 5's not that off. I was a little disappointed, but then I thought of my first cycle, when I had zero fertilization. 5 is 500 times better than 0 (IMHO). I will go in for the transfer on Saturday morning, unless I get an early morning call. The embryologist said that they would call by 8:15 if we're going to push it back to a five day transfer. I'll be happy either way.

I'm working on my fall transfer second sock, the Jaywalker. I'm decreasing the gusset now, and have to finish the foot.

I'm expecting my medals by tomorrow, so I'll have the blessings of the Saints for this transfer. I need all the blessings I can get!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Retrieval Day

Brad is on his way to Woodstock to drop off the little swimmers. He's called me twice already. He's supposed to pick up some instructions for me, so he called about that, and then to find out which way to go on I-285. I'm not worried at all about his part in the whole deal.

I'm not too worried about the retrieval, either. My donor had some really good follicles, and I'm sure we'll get a good amount of eggs. I've double checked about ICSI-ing the eggs, and was reassured that all of them would be ICSI-ed.

The next worry, after the retrieval, is fertilization. Last time, as you may recall, we had ZERO fertilization, and rescue ICSI was performed on the eggs. Rescue ICSI really doesn't work very often. So, I'm a little worried about that. And then I get to worry with whether or not the fertilized eggs grow.

So many worries, so MUCH time to worry about them.

I'm not Catholic, but I did grow up with a Catholic best friend. I went to Mass with them a lot. I have a thing for the saints. I guess I'm a little superstitious, I don't know, but I've gotten into the saints.

I went to Discount Catholic Products and ordered new medals. I've been wearing a St. Gerard and St. Catherine medal for about a year (or more), but my chain recently broke. You pray to St. Gerard for motherhood, and St. Catherine to protect against miscarriage. I wanted some new medals, so I ordered this St. Gerard, and this St. Catherine. Then my mom's friend Mrs. Mraz told her that I needed St. Anthony because he's the saint against infertility, so I ordered this. I decided that Brad needed a little Saint action, too, so I got a St. Joseph for him. St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers. So I should have plenty of protection from the saints.

My mom is coming up here Friday. She'll take me for the transfer. My husband will be a nervous wreck. Last time, he built a wall while we were gone. Who knows what he'll do this time!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Final Countdown

I got a call today from my nurse at the clinic. My donor will trigger tonight. The retrieval will be Wednesday. Brad has to go in at 9:30 on Wednesday. The donor has 11 follicles bigger than 15mm and 6 more right behind that. I'll get a call on Wednesday to see how many eggs were retrieved, and then I'll get a call on Thursday to see how many fertilized.

I'm a nervous wreck. I guess with my first cycle, I didn't know anything could go wrong. Now that I know what can go wrong, I'm terrified that it will.

My transfer is tentatively set for Saturday, but could be pushed back to Monday.

I think I'm going to be sick!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Knitted Gift

I decided this time to make something for my donor rather than buying a gift. The charm bracelet didn't work, so I figured since she is giving me part of her, that I'll give her part of me.
I decided to make her a little spa set to pamper herself after the retrieval.

I made some washcloths out of Cotton-Tots rather than Sugar'N Cream. They are so very soft. The two in the front are from the book Dishcloths From The Heart. The one in the back on the left is The Mason Dixon Dishcloth, and the one on the right is from Rhonda White's Spa and Bath Sets to Knit.
I made this box from Mason Dixon Knitting. I used 4 strands of Patons Classic. 2 in Winter White and 2 in Natural Mix.
This is a headband out of Cotton Tots. It's from Rhonda White's Book, too.
This is a Dishcloth I included, since it says "Thanks" on it. Nice and Thanksgiving-y. It is from Enid Danforth's Yahoo Group.
And finally, a soap sack, from Rhonda White's book. The washcloth and soap sack have little polka-dots on them. I told my mom that they look like eggs.
I added some goodies from Bath and Body Works in Warm Vanilla Sugar, and took it to the doctor's office yesterday morning. Someone will take it to the main office, and my donor will get it the day of the retrieval.
Everything is going as planned. My midcycle ultrasound was good. My lining is cooperating. I have no fluid like I did before. My E2 level is a little over 1000. The next hurdle is seeing how the donor responds to her meds. Fingers crossed, everything will be great.